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What is mu?

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  • Download mu CLI:
  • Currently we only support Linux and WSL!

  • List providers and regions:
  • $ mu -u devnet list provider
    $ mu -u devnet list region --provider <provider key>

  • Create an escrow account:
  • $ mu -u devnet escrow create <provider key>

  • Request an airdrop!
  • Put some tokens in the escrow account:
  • $ mu -u devnet escrow recharge <provider key> --amount 50

  • Create a mu project:
  • $ mu init path/to/my-project
    $ cd path/to/my-project

  • build and run the project locally:
  • $ mu run

  • Deploy the project to mu!
  • $ mu -u devnet deploy --seed 1 --region <region key>

  • Sit back and enjoy your instantly available backend!


mu Protocol is a distributed, decentralized cloud provider marketplace. mu allows infrastructure providers to offer their servers for sale in a standardized and secure way. Apps designed for mu can work with any mu-enabled provider, which removes the vendor lock from most of today's cloud providers.

By creating a standardized way to provide and consume cloud technology, mu allows clients and providers to create a healthier and more competitive ecosystem, where apps can be easily developed and tested locally, and deployed with the same ease to the cloud.

mu makes developer's lives considerably easier by providing a single, open standards-based and simple way to develop, test and deploy serverless applications. Developers need not worry anymore where they will be deploying their application, all they have to do is to implement it against the mu SDK and test it locally, where it will work exactly the same way as it would in the cloud. After the application is ready to be deployed, they simply choose a provider and a region from the mu Marketplace and deploy it.

Take a look at the Getting Started section of this page!

Servers can be located anywhere in the world, and their location depends on the service providers currently offering services in the mu marketplace. mu Protocol itself has servers in Frankfurt, New York, Sydney and Singapore.

Pricing varies across providers since each provider can set their own prices. Be sure to check the prices by running mu list region before deploying to a region.

If you're a cloud service provider interested in offering mu hosting, contact us.

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